Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Maintenance

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Blog

Here at TWS, although we would always recommend a regular cleaning schedule, we understand that your business is always on the go. Certain work environments are very fast-paced, rushed and can add pressure as they are designed to, but this can sometimes devolve into not giving a singular thought about how to best clean your premises. It can take time to consider what you need from a cleaning package; separating what you really need cleaning from the excess jobs you wouldn’t deem important or necessary every-day in your particular set-up.

That’s why we would recommend (for fast paced business environments) you set up a regular visit where everything is “deep cleaned” out of hours. Deep cleaning is a thorough soaking, cleaning, wiping down, cleaning under the sink and hoovering/carpet cleaning done once a fortnight or once a month, in order to maintain basic hygiene levels, employee comfort and protect against potential, unwanted infestations of vermin and things like mould.

But how effective is one, big, deep cleaning per fortnight in comparison to a daily end-of-day sweep and wipe? Well… A deep clean is very effective because it is regularly targeting all problem areas, like deep in the carpet, not allowing for build up of dirt and bacteria. A daily sweep and wipe is all good too as it will be regularly maintaining a basic level of cleanliness and hygiene and is essential for buildings like Schools and Colleges that in-house young people. But which is better? Well as always, a combination of the two should be taken on-board.

Perhaps, have a daily a cleaning package and then once a month have the big, deep clean? This really is one of the best methods to keep your workplace tidy, nice to look at, pleasant to breathe in and lowers the risk of illness.

What kind of businesses need cleaning packages?

You think it would be just industrial and chemical type companies, but literally every kind of business needs a cleaning package, jewellers, shop fronts, offices, treatment firms, salons, studios… You name it, we’ll more than likely clean it!