Airbnb Cleaning Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Blog

Are you one of the increasing numbers of Airbnb landlords, or are you just kind enough to let out your own home to show off its beauty? We know that it can be a pain to know that you will need to be popping in to clean it once your guests have left, and we know that you could be getting on with better things.

We are currently reaching out to people with Airbnb properties in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire in order to provide them with an outstanding cleaning service before your guests arrive, once they have left, and all slots in between. Being the cleaning professionals that we are, we know that when it comes to impressive cleaning – consistency is key!

No matter what the size, we are happy to get your property more than ready for its next guests – a clean home is a happy home, and most people love a homely feel when they go on holiday. We all love to arrive somewhere for our holiday knowing that it has been cleaned well. And with the help from our team here at TWS, it will have definitely been cleaned well!

We have years of experience in the area of contract cleaning, and we figured that it would only make sense to expand our services to the popular Airbnb properties. If it’s not the whole property that you require cleaning, we are happy to be given one room, or a couple of rooms to get sorted! We will work with you to create and develop the best cleaning package for you.

If you would like to find out more about what we can do for you and your Airbnb property, why not Contact Us today, and speak to one of our team?