Angry Janitors the Game – Keep the Germs Away!

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Blog

Ok, so at some point, we’ve all played Angry Birds, but we’ve just come across a much better version… Angry Janitors by ISSA – the International Sanitary Supply Association.

Set across 3 areas – The School, The Office and The Hospital, the janitors are faced with increasingly difficult to remove dirt and germs (sounds familiar) and the game progresses until the cleaners’ dream happens and everywhere is perfectly spotless!

The game is incredibly similar to Angry Birds (unsurprisingly) where you fire a small janitor, complete with cleaning tool at germs and dirt. Being a contract cleaning company, it’s no big surprise that this game appeals to us so much, but the real bonus comes when you complete a level – in the form of useful cleaning facts, hints and tips.

For example, some of the tips we’ve got so far are:

“Mold or mildew usually is caused by damp, stagnant air. Make sure there is proper ventilation and use a disinfectant cleaner that is effective against mold.”

“Restrooms are the #1 source of customer complaints; keep them clean”

… and …

“There is an 80% reduced probability of catching a common cold and flu in a properly cleaned facility”

Which we’re sure you can agree – are all great points, well made!

To play Angry Janitors, you can download the game from the App Store or Google Play – let us know your high score on our Facebook or Twitter pages and we’ll see who is the ultimate cleaner! Make sure you let us know if you come across any great facts or information from the game that you think we’ll love.

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