Contract Cleaning – What We Do

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Blog

Here at TWS Contracts, we like to offer you as many services as we possibly can which will benefit you, your business/company, and the space surrounding you and your employees. Therefore, we have included a range of different environments into our expertise which we will clean for you, to keep you and your business clean and happy, as well as promoting safety through a tidy space. Here, we have listed only some of the extensive range of contract cleaning which we can do – take a look and see if any of them suit you, and if not why not let us know what it is you need cleaning and we will see what we can do!

Our most frequently cleaned places are offices, showrooms, and retail outlets, due to the requirement of a quality finish on each of the spaces involved, and the feeling of relaxation which the client experiences when holding important meetings in the future; they are absolutely positive that they are leaving a good impression as well as a safe space for their own clients/guests. Other places which we clean, include hotels, guest houses, residential communal areas, show houses and new builds. We believe that having a clean space is the initial aspect which people notice, when entering your home, going to a restaurant, or even using public toilets! Which is why we take such care when ensuring that your chosen space is as clean as it can be. Places where people are paying money to stay and experience the area, such as hotels and guest houses, must remain clean and tidy to ensure that no bad reviews are left to continue your business successfully – this is what we do our job for, to keep your businesses at the highest standard possible. We have also found that when showrooms are clean, tidy, white and shiny, they make the products being shown look far more desirable; encouraging people to purchase since they find it easier to picture the item within their own home.

Having a clean surrounding promotes a sense of safety, security, and a professional appearance; encouraging improved behaviour within the workplace, as well as potential increased sales. Another space included within our contract cleaning is gyms and fitness centres, which are legally obliged to ensure that their centre is as clean as possible. This is due to the types of activities which take place here, from exercising to showering – everything needs to be kept sanitised to maintain the hygiene of the area, as well as the safety of the users.

If you haven’t seen an area that suits you, why not Contact Us and tell us about your specific services – this way we can create an individual offer which suits your requirements. Simply call us on 01276 505807, or fill out our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.