Antiviral and Decontamination Cleaning

Whilst our cleaning teams are still carrying out their regular cleaning which now includes extra disinfecting on touch areas and workstation cleaning; we have also developed our decontamination cleaning and sanitising services – so we can now offer deep sanitising cleans using virus killing chemicals and techniques such as fogging and electro static cleaning.


Fogging is applying chemical disinfectants to an area by way of a fog or mist. A fogging machine is used to produce a fog like mist of tiny droplets of a sanitising solution. Fogging is the ideal solution for fighting COVID-19 Coronavirus and other airborne pathogens such as bacteria and fungi.

The process is generally carried out for a minimum of 30 minutes per room and an additional 60 minutes per room to allow the disinfectant droplets to settle out of the air and onto the surfaces.

Chemical fogging is the most efficient and effective method for decontaminating whole rooms as it enables difficult to reach places to be thoroughly disinfected.

Electrostatic Cleaning

The electrostatic cleaning method creates a static layer on surfaces allowing for a superior layer of disinfectant solution to “stick” to microbes, bacteria and viruses. This 360° wrapping of microbes, viruses and bacteria allows for an unrivalled level of decontamination and leaves surfaces protected for up to 28 days after treatment.

We use a cleaning solution which is non-toxic, chlorine free and alcohol free. It degrades / decomposes into non harmful by-products of oxygen and water meaning it is environmentally friendly

Our deep cleaning technicians are on hand to deep clean your office or place of work with hospital-grade coronavirus killing disinfection chemicals. We will deep clean all areas of the office or facility to ensure your staff can safely return to work, we are then able to offer ongoing fogging or sanitising cleans.

In short, our specialist team will do what it takes to reduce and prevent the presentation of new cases by using our advanced disinfecting cleaning methods. We are able to deliver fully secure decontamination and cleaning services to your facility.

We can also provide consumables such as hand sanitising gel and dispensers, antibacterial handwash and dispensers, antibacterial keyboard/workstation wipes, disposable gloves etc. – please contact us for pricing.

For more information, including risk assessments and COSHH on these cleaning techniques or to request a quotation please contact us.

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