Does a Clean Environment Aid your Wellbeing?

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Blog

Our mental health has been incredibly important over the past few months. During the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve endured national lockdowns, isolation and time away from family/friends. In turn, this has had an adverse effect on our mental health. Keeping a tidy and clean workspace and home can help to keep you happy and improve your concentration. Meaning we can relax and get more work done, keeping our productivity at an all time high.

At TWS, we specialise in office and contract cleaning, meaning we can take care of all that for you. From office cleaning to Airbnb and even end of tenancy cleaning we handle all of it!


If you work in an office, you probably know that nobody feels the responsibility of giving the office a deep clean. Which is why offices usually have a cleaner who comes in once a week to give the place a good once over. Having a tidy work environment means you have more room to spread out, so you have space to move around if needed. Over cluttering your desk can also lead to an over cluttered mind, meaning you get distracted easily, can’t concentrate and your productivity goes down to an all time low. So, to help your employees get more done, it’s a good idea to keep their office as clean as possible.


When you’re looking to move into a new flat, you want to make sure its clean so you can enjoy taking those first steps into relaxation. The last thing you expect when entering your new home is a messy flat or apartment. Walking into a messy property can cause your stress levels to increase more than they already are due to your manic moving day. So, to ease your new tenants mind, make sure you use TWS to keep your property fresh and clean ready for their moving-in day.

A clean environment does wonders for our stress and anxiety levels, meaning we lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. So, if you ever find your wellbeing is taking a beating, take a look around and see if maybe a spring clean is in order, or better yet give us a call here at TWS to help refresh your office or home.