Graffiti Removal – The Facts

by | Apr 27, 2018 | Blog

Graffiti had become an extremely popular artform and you are likely to see it in most urban places. The pieces are usually hard to miss, as they are often large in size, and consist of a mixture of very bright colours. Unfortunately, graffiti is also associated with gang culture and vandalism. Those who practise their graffiti skills often do it in a private space, or at designated spots within their local area. However, graffiti artists occasionally use the sides of buildings to showcase their artwork, and sometimes – this artwork is not tasteful or just generally unwanted by the residents of the building.

Graffiti as we know it today began in the late 1960’s in the Philadelphia and was done to make political statements and mark street gang territory – many artists often “tagged” their work. Tags are frequently found on buildings, walls, lampposts and other places within towns and cities. Whilst they may be seen as forms of artwork, they are often considered vandalism by the law. They are also a nightmare to remove!

The spray-paint used by graffiti artists is usually bright or bold in colour, and of high concentrate. This makes removal of the substance extremely difficult and takes a long amount of time – it is also frequently the building owner that is required to remove it. Here at TWS Contracts, we know that you could be doing more important things than removing vandalism from your building(s), therefore we have ensured that we offer a graffiti removal service as part of our Retail Cleaning Packages.