Henry Vs Dyson – Which Hoover Wins?

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Blog

Everyone will have seen them- adverts for hoovers and other various products which don’t necessarily need advertising. However sometimes they are useful when trying to decide which brand of hoover you would next need… apparently. Well, here at TWS Contracts we have complied a list of pros and cons of our mums beloved Henry Hoover (Numatic) and Dyson for you to decide for yourself which to bless your business with next.

You would have thought, just from appearance, that Numatic hoovers would be the winner, however after a close analysis of the sought after appliance, we have found that there are quite a few downsides for this happy, little friend. We believe that these colourful hoovers are of high quality and have an economical efficiency for saving power, as well as being the “best hoovers for carpets”. However, we have discovered that unfortunately, these little faces aren’t as small as they first appear to be… Henry hoovers have been proven to be heavier than other hoover brands. Even though the new model is 2kg lighter than the old model- it still weighs an almighty 7kg which makes the group of users smaller. Henry hoovers also have a small carrying capacity of 9litres, and they require hoover bags which means that maybe, they are not very economical after all (sad Henry face). The negative of the heavy item, comes with a tricky foldaway handle which is complementary of the company. This, again prevents certain people from using them, as they will need to bend down and carry heavy weights- possibly resulting in injury (Bad Henry!). Maybe the feminine Hetty will be more helpful… actually no, she’s just as heavy.

Dyson time! These sleek hoovers last longer than competitors and do not require vacuum bags. The hoover does not come with tricky handles, but with easy to use tools and attachments- one of which being an extendable hose helping people of all ages to complete a full clean. As well as this, these are apparently the best hoovers for users with allergies; the hoover sucks up 99% of bacteria and keeps it inside. However, this has caused some problems as people don’t seem to like emptying the dust bin and find it quite tricky. We have found another downside of the Dyson also, one of which is obvious… the cost! The other is that some people just don’t like the appearance or design of them, which is perfectly understandable.

So, as you can see, the Dyson has won by 6-4… hopefully this helped more than an advert showing an unrealistic, tiny amount of dog hair and an office mess of a few crumbs on the floor.