How to keep your office kitchen in order!

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Blog


Office kitchens are always a hive of activity regardless of the size of your office. Drinks to keep the workforce happy, a place to store and eat the dinners or grab that all important morning coffee. No matter what time it is someone will be either in or coming out of the kitchen and that’s why it’s important, very important especially during the current times to keep it clean.

The first place to start is the sink, the sink is the most likely place for bacteria to grow. To ensure it’s clean make sure you use kitchen cleaner down the drain to unblock any food they may of got stuck and give it a good wipe down at the end of every day. Bins need to be emptied every day if not they may fill up very quickly (especially with the increase in surface wipes you’re probably using to keep things clean) and leave some unpleasant smells lingering in the office which isn’t ideal if you have a client in first thing in the morning!

Ensure that you also recycle if you’re in a tall office building the chances are the building will require you to separate your cardboard, paper, cans and glasses when taking them out, so make sure you have a second bin for this. If you’re fancy enough to have a dishwasher this too will need regular cleaning. Once a week make sure it’s empty and run a cleaning wash to make sure any food that may still be in it is removed and also check the filter.

In an office environment, you may find that the filter will need replacing much more than your home dishwasher due to the amount of use it will get throughout the working week. Got a coffee machine? Make sure you create a cleaning schedule for it. Coffee machines won’t have a self-clean or the ability to put it on a self-clean like a dishwasher so you must ensure the water is changed daily and it’s given a thorough wipe down to remove any lingering bacteria or stagnant water. Once a month you should do a full break down of the coffee machine and run through a pipe cleaning process if it’s an industrial type machine.

Finally, ensure the fridge is looked over once a day for any forgotten or gone off food that people may have left. Once a week give the fridge a good wipe down and clean with anti-bacterial spray to remove any bacteria and keep it as hygienic as possible throughout the weeks and months. Why not get in touch with us for a quote to see how we could help keep your kitchen in pristine condition!