Is a nice smelling bathroom a clean one?

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Blog

This is a question you need to ask the experts… which happens to be us! This is also one of the main, most frequent questions people are faced with. We’ve all been there – you have a someone heading over to the office so you NEED to make sure everything is clean and tidy… especially the bathroom! But just because the bathroom now smells of a strong mixture of bleach, air freshener, and smelly plug-ins, is it actually clean?

We all know that in order to see bacteria within your bathroom you would need an expensive microscopic camera of some sort (no, we don’t offer bacteria screening as a service) however we DO OFFER a fantastic cleaning service with COSHH regulated products which are sure to leave your work bathroom looking and smelling clean, as well as actually being clean!

The most common types of bacteria found in the bathroom are E. coli, streptococcus and salmonella, and whilst no amount of elbow grease will ever leave you with 0% germs in your bathroom, there are ways to minimise the number of germs you are exposed to. We are all exposed to thousands of different types of bacteria every second of every day, therefore our human bodies have built up an immunity and resistance against them – however if we come into contact with a high level of bacteria you can often become ill, and if untreated, it can become dangerous to your health.

Since everyone loves to work in an environment which they know is clean and safe, our team here at TWS Contracts ensure that this is how your workplace is left after we’re done with it. In the meantime, we have come up with our three top tips for you to incorporate into your daily routine to keep those germs at bay in between visits.

  1. Did you know that there are 83 bacteria per square inch of your toilet? And did you know that these bacteria can become airborne each time you flush it? This means that each of these bacteria will escape into the air which you’re breathing – this is something that can make you quite ill. To avoid this, ensure that you shut the toilet lid before and during the flush to keep all the bacteria inside!
  2. There are 217 bacteria per square inch of the light-switch in your bathroom too! To avoid passing on these germs, keep on top of wiping down the switch with an antibacterial wipe each day.
  3. A flush handle can harbour up to 83 bacteria per square inch too! So be sure to wash your hands each time you go to the toilet with antibacterial soap.

So, there you have it, now you know that before you reach for the bleach and the nearest air spray, ensure that you have given each part of your bathroom a good wipe-down with an antibacterial product. We will take care of the technical stuff.

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