Post Lockdown 3.0 Cleaning Tips

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Blog

If like many you’ve been juggle home-schooling, working from home, entertaining children and endless cooking throughout this lockdown 3.0, we’ve got some handy hints to get everything looking clean and sparkling once again.


1. Get organised:

Start by putting all your cleaning products and cloths into one container to carry around with you, to save dashing back and forth to grab things. Having all your cleaning essentials in one place is not only practical, but it’s also super helpful.

2. Focus on one room at a time:

Pick a room, any room. Maybe you could start from the top and work your way down? We’d recommend cleaning one room thoroughly, then move onto the next. This way, you will not only help tick off each room off your list but aesthetically, you’ll see a perfectly pristine room emerge before your very eyes.

3. Remove clutter:

Before you start cleaning each room, make sure you remove all the unnecessary clutter – this could be ornaments, pictures, makeup etc. and put them either in a separate box or onto the bed. This makes dusting and vacuuming way easier to do. If you’re really into the cleaning spirit, you could even take the opportunity to clean out your wardrobes or drawers and donate anything you no longer want (when the shops open back up after lockdown).

4. Ventilate your home:

Ok, so with this colder weather we’re having this is not ideal, but it will help a tonne! Opening windows and doors as you go will let in lots of lovely fresh air and help disperse any fumes created from sprays or cleaning products.

5. Disinfect high touch-point areas:

Given the current climate, we’d recommend disinfecting high touch-point surfaces even more so. This includes door handles, light switches, kitchen worktops, TV remotes, keyboards and desks/tables. By doing so, this will ensure your home is not only clean but will help battle those nasty pathogens.

6. Take a break – you deserve it!

This last one is pretty self-explanatory really.

It can be very therapeutic casting out the clutter and the cobwebs – but we know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea! Breaking down the tasks into smaller manageable chunks or sections will make it so much easier to clean, without feeling overwhelmed.

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