Salon Cleaning

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Blog

All businesses, including salons, are required by law to maintain a clean and safe environment. Salons even more so, due to the types of activities which take place, like waxing, manicures, pedicures, haircuts. These treatments tend to leave a bit of a mess on floors and counter tops which the owners do not always have time to take care of. This is where TWS Contracts comes in. We understand that being a business owner comes with numerous responsibilities, and nobody wants to be reprimanded for missing a toenail clipping! Therefore, we have added professional salon cleaning to our extensive list of retail cleaning, to aid you and your business; saving you precious time to spend with your clients.

TWS Contracts hires only the best professional cleaners for retail and contract cleaning – you would be surprised at how much we can do! Because of this, you can be sure that your salon will be cleaned so well that even the sparkles will sparkle. The most important aspect of salon cleaning is sanitisation, due to the frequent use of hair scissors, nail files/clippers, metal cuticle pushers etc. This is because the same items are used on different clients, which means that (if not sanitised) there could be spreads of skin problems (verruca’s and warts) and other nasty bugs and germs which could damage both your reputation and your clients’ health.

As well as sanitisation of products used, it is also extremely important to sanitise counters and surfaces… anywhere that could be touched throughout the working day. This is because in a salon, there is always loose amounts of hair which are almost impossible for you to hoover/sweep up before your next client – meaning that as soon as the hairdryer goes on, all those relatively invisible, tiny hairs will spread all over the place – including counter tops where drinks may be sat (finding a hair in anything edible is off-putting for anyone!) This is why our professional cleaners at TWS Contracts pay a significant amount of attention to sanitising all worktops, surfaces, counter tops, window sills and tables to ensure that no client can be alarmed or harmed by uninvited hairs or nail clippings.

Speaking of prevention of alarm or harm – one of the most important places to keep sanitised is the bathroom/WC. No one likes a smelly toilet, especially when you have clients paying money for a relaxing experience. We understand that cleaning a toilet is not the most glamorous of tasks, which is why we are here to do it all for you! With our cleaning skills, you are guaranteed to have a squeaky-clean loo in no time, as well as a lovely, fresh smell.

So there you have it – another area of expertise that we can offer you, which benefits you, your business and your clients. If you are interested in this salon shining offer, please do contact us.