Should we stop using Antibacterial Cleaning Products?

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Blog

Barely a week goes by without a new scaremongering story about household items and one of the more recurring stories is about antibacterial cleaning products being potentially harmful to us, how they’re damaging our home etc… but one of the latest stories is about how these products are now breeding drug resistant “super-germs”.

So if we’re to believe the hype around these new “super-germs”, should we stay away from using antibacterial cleaning products? Personally, we think not.

We’re big advocates for using natural cleaning products wherever possible, substituting chemicals for lemon juice and vinegar, but sometimes when things need a deep clean – you can’t go wrong with a high quality antibacterial product that kills all germs and leaves a fresh and clean smell.

Some say that these products killing all germs is bad, as they even kill the type of bacteria that the body needs to keep more dangerous bugs at bay. But unless antibacterial products are the only cleaning products being used, surely this point can’t be relevant as bacteria gets everywhere. Meaning that shortly after usage, the area would begin to become contaminated again as the rest of the area was not cleaned in the same way.

The key seems to be to use antibacterial products, but use them sparingly. Avoid using them on everything, all the time and try to use more natural products in between and whenever possible. But if something needs a deep clean, or when cleaning an environment where people are/have been ill or that is frequented by children there’s only one way to go and that’s to ensure that no harmful germs are present.