Spring Cleaing Traditions

by | May 27, 2017 | Blog

There are thousands of different techniques and traditions that people follow – but what about cleaning traditions? Since it’s spring, we have decided to find some spring cleaning traditions from around the globe; this might even get you in the mood for summer travels! Here at TWS Contracts, we believe that cleaning should be an enjoyable experience, which always results in something better (in our case – a sparkling workspace, or holiday home!) Keep reading if you feel the same…

Iran: In Iran, there is a holiday called “Nowruz” which begins on the vernal equinox, commencing the start of spring, where people take the opportunity to do their own version of spring cleaning. Khouneh Tekouni is a celebration which is usually performed before Nowruz, and commonly lasts for 13 days. This celebration involves buying new clothes, and visiting of relatives. It normally ends with a celebration called Sizdar Bedar, which involves music, dancing, and outdoor picnics. We quite like the idea of having a 13-day holiday whenever we need to spring clean!

Bulgaria: In Bulgaria, spring is celebrated with Baba Marta. This is a celebration where people exchange figurines made of red and white string called “Martenitsa” which symbolise health and happiness in the coming year. These items can be found throughout Bulgaria, often tied to the wrists of those who celebrate. We also like the idea of receiving good luck gifts during our spring clean!

Even though these traditions are full of fun, health, and happiness – we have noticed that there can’t be much cleaning involved! Therefore, we have found an additional, more modern, tradition which comes from the UK…

United Kingdom: Here in the UK, we don’t celebrate the small things in life, however we do appreciate them. For example, we really appreciate having a cleaning company to complete the spring cleaning for us! So, whilst you are off on your holiday and experiencing the celebrations above – allow us to stay home and ensure your own guest house is spick and span for you lovely visitors.

If you would like to find out more about our Contract Cleaning services, or you have a holiday/guest house that could do with some extra helping hands, Contact Us today, or visit the Contract Cleaning page on our website. We know how important photographs are on promotional materials for sites such as Airbnb and other online rental sites, which is why having stunning rooms will benefit you greatly with your bookings and ratings.

We hope that this blog has enlightened you on the exciting traditions from around the world – if not, we hope you have chosen your new Contract Cleaners for the coming year.