The Benefits of Contract Cleaning

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Blog

Many businesses throughout the United Kingdom are becoming busier each year, meaning that there is often less time to be giving employees a toilet check rota. No matter what the size, your business should benefit from a good cleaning service throughout the year, to maintain a happy, safe, and tidy workplace for your employees and your self to be working and spending time in or around.

Here at TWS Contracts, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to work in a clean and tidy environment, which is why we have put together the most popular benefits that come with contract cleaning packages for you to take a look at.

It’s Professional

A clean, tidy, and safe working environment is a professional one. You will no longer feel a little self-conscious when meetings are to be taken place within your offices or showrooms, and you will no longer need to stress about finding the spare time to have, what would normally be, a quick “going-over”. We all know that this only involves running the hoover round quick and having a half-hearted wipe down of the side tops.

When you invest in a good contract cleaning company (such as our own here at TWS Contracts!) we will rota you in for when it best suits YOU and YOUR schedule. We can come out-of-hours, or during your breaks. You will be able to have the complete freedom of creating a package that best suits you and your company – along with the type of workspace you require to be cleaned. First impressions are a must within the business world, and we’re here to ensure you make the best one possible.

It Saves Time & Money

By hiring a professional cleaning company, you are ensured the peace of mind of knowing your office will be cleaned every week to the highest possible standard – without the various risks of it not being done, or something vital being missed or forgotten. By using a contract cleaning company, you will also be saving lots of money. This is because contractors can purchase high-end cleaning products at a much lower cost than the public.

For example, if you were to provide a member of your staff with cleaning products, it is likely that the products themselves won’t be up to the national standards, your member of staff is likely to be untrained which could later pose a risk towards your health and safety within the workplace, and the products you purchase are likely to be nearly twice the price of what a cleaning company could pay.

These are not the only benefits of using a contract cleaning service of course – there are hundreds more which will be more specific to your business and workspace type. If you would like to find out more about what we could offer here at TWS Contracts, why not get in touch with us today?