The effects of workplace scents & aromas

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Blog

Here at TWS we like to pride ourselves on being able to deliver flexible, desirable and thorough cleaning packages for a variety of businesses and sectors, it’s just what we do. There are loads of industries that people work in and all of those companies within those sectors require cleaning, whether the duties are carried out in-house or through a contracted agency like ourselves.

Today we’d like to discuss scents and aromas across industries and how much of an effect it has on the workplace. For example, we found out online that positive, ambient and not so overpowering scents in an office setting can cause unconscious, yet positive and encouraged behaviours and can incentivise workload progression.

Not everybody works in an office exactly, so what if you run a place like a gym? Well, apparently citrus scents from scented bleaches and cleaners can cause a positive physical response in people during their time at the gym, this benefit will also extend to the gym employees too. What if you work in a salon? Supposedly, lavender and more flower-based scents allow for your employees to relax, having a knock on effect to your customer in the hot seat so to speak. Flower scents also promote the feeling of inner beauty and appreciation.

Shop floors have a variety of appropriate scents, depending on what it is you sell. If you’re a perfume shop then you are unlikely to have to try hard for an appropriate scent, a stationary shop on the other hand would require something subtle, calm and not as vibrant.

But what do you need to do in order to promote these scents? A solid cleaning package using the right chemicals, the right mixes and a company that understands that your business is unique … You could do a lot worse than consult TWS Contracts on 0333 121 0201.