The Little Things Help

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Blog

Spring time is here once again, and nearly everyone is starting their spring-cleaning. But what happens during the rest of the time when we’re not booked in to bring your office to the sparkle it deserves? To save your own time, why not check out our list of little things that everyone could do around the office to maintain the twinkle.

1. Keep some antibacterial wipes in your desk drawer and have a wipe around your workspace at the end of the day/week to keep your desk clean and dust-free

2. Keep a rechargeable, hand-size hoover within the office to get up all of those pesky biscuit crumbs

3. Keep the area surrounding your workspace tidy. You can do this by tucking your bags underneath your desk, and hanging your coat on the coat-peg – clutter breeds mess!

4. Remember to always throw away your rubbish/pencil shavings/wrappers whenever you’re finished to avoid a build-up!

5. Keep a mini rubbish bin beside your desk to prevent you from forgetting follow point 4

6. Keep a hand-sanitiser nearby to ensure that everything you touch is as clean as it can be

7. Wipe up after your tea/coffee mug as soon as you’ve finished your drink to avoid sticky coffee rings.

8. Invest in office coasters to avoid having to do tip number 7!

9. A desk tidy will make you look and feel more organised, whilst keeping your workspace clear (less of an excuse to lose things!)

10. Be happy to help others when they need to do a quick spring-clean of their desk (it will get the job done quicker and your boss might like you more!)

By having all your colleagues follow this list you will be on the way to a permanent sparkle within your office! Happy cleaning!