The Top 5 Cleaning Myths – BUSTED!

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Blog

Now, don’t get us wrong – we love anyone who can give us some top cleaning hacks or give us an amazing top tip for cleaning… but there are quite a lot of myths out there, some which are spot on (using white wine to remove red wine stains for example) but for every good one, there are at least 3 that are nonesense! Below, we’ve added the top 5 that we’ve come across through the years that quite simple DO NOT WORK!

1) Use Cola to Clean your toilet

Sounds laughable doesn’t it? Well, it is. Although most cola drinks contrain citric acid which may help – the sheer sugar/sweetner content will attract all sorts of bacteria to your loo.

2) Always wash clothes/towels/fabrics in COLD water

Again, this is utter nonsense. Apart from saving a little bit of energy and (in the long term) a bit of money, all that washing your fabrics in cold water will do is mean that you’re not killing all of the germs and bacteria. In past generations, many housewives believed that cold water was better for stain removal – but again – there’s nothing to prove this point

3) The best thing to clean windows is a newspaper

This sounds like one of those myths that could be true doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. It will rip, leave black smudges on your hands and depending on how heavy the print is, it could even stain your glass.

4) Dishwashers don’t clean as well as handwashing

This one varies from person to person, but unless your hands can withstand water at around 75°C then you’re likely to be leaving around 400 times more bacteria on the crockery and utensils than your dishwasher would.

5) Vinegar can clean anything

We love using vinegar to clean as it can be incredibly effective. However – on some surfaces it can cause more harm than good! Please, never use vinegar to clean up hardwood or waxed surfaces or grouting. It will corrode and cause serious damage to any of those surfaces.