Vacuum Cleaning 101

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Blog

Vacuum cleaning, or vacuuming is often called “hoovering” in parts of the UK, though this is not entirely accurate because a Hoover is a brand of vacuum cleaner and not technically the object itself. Kinda the same as sellotape and tip-ex… they’re the industry standard and most commonly used names, although not always the product being used. Anyways, now you know that piece of totally useful information, we are going to break down the main facts about one task that we do carry out as part of our cleaning packages, vacuum cleaning.

How do vacuum cleaners work?

Modern vacuum cleaners work by creating miniature cyclones of air that cause an updraft or a pull on the surface below, uplifting debris that is in between carpet fibres. “Hoovering” can be done on carpets or laminate as long as the debris is mostly dry (depending on the industrial strength of your vacuum cleaner). This leaves your carpets clean, crisp and looking like they’ve been freshly re-laid.

Why does vacuuming have to be carried out?

Due to the nature of carpets and fibres, carpets can become full of microbes, dirt and debris. In fact, they can become breeding grounds for them, endangering the health of children (who spend long amounts of time crawling) and pets. When not cleaned or vacuumed, carpets can also start to smell a bit of dirt and mould, though not overpowering at first, it can become off-putting to employees or clients. It’s also just part of giving a full package and completing the cleaning, it makes no sense to dust off all the surfaces onto the carpet and then not clean the carpet.

What kinds of carpet cleaning can I get for my office?

Here at TWS we do offer deep cleans which involve placing chemicals onto the office carpet and wet cleaning it as well as a dry vacuuming that is more of a maintenance job. You can look at our packages that are available for your business on our homepage. Alternatively, you can call us on 0333 121 0201.