We have a fully trained cleaning team!

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Blog

In order to provide value and a high-quality service to your clients, it is extremely important that your cleaning teams are fully qualified and trained in various different courses. There are many courses that you could pop your team on to help develop their skills and knowledge, however we have outlined some of the most essential ones below…

COSHH Training

Some of the chemicals that your cleaning team will be working with on a daily basis can often be quite hazardous and could cause life altering and sometimes even threatening circumstances – if not used correctly. Therefore, your team will need a good understanding of cleaning chemicals and how they should be best used – safely and effectively. Putting your cleaning team through a series of COSHH Training will instantly limit risks and minimise the chances of accidents. There are many co-operations throughout the United Kingdom who offer COSHH Training.

Health and Safety

Being clued up on health and safety is great for any workplace, however in a cleaning team you’re likely to be doing much more physical work due to the environment. Due to the increase in physical work, there is more chance of accidents and/or injury. To avoid this, it is important that your cleaning team know how to look after themselves. For example, by making sure that they are using equipment correctly, and taking note of the risks when undertaking specific tasks.

Health and safety training is available throughout the United Kingdom, and will offer your cleaning team a great grounding for working well alone, and in groups.

Equipment Training

Using any type of equipment incorrectly can often result in accidents, injury and even death. Not only can it result in personal damage, but it can also cause damage to pieces of equipment that will need to be replaced; this can cause problems with your working schedules and costs. Much of equipment training can be done in-house, and it is usually a simple case of informing and showing your staff everything that they may need to know about the type of equipment that they will be using during their time there.

Always remember to check your equipment, as some types do require specialist training.

Kitchen and Washroom Training

The kitchen and bathroom/washroom/WC should be at the forefront of your cleaning team’s minds. Correct training should be given to your staff on how to clean these areas properly, to prevent the spread of infections and illness (that can sometimes be fatal). Much of this training involves simple techniques, such as ensuring that your team know the sometimes-forgotten areas that require cleaning whose people’s hands touch regularly (like handles) to prevent the spread of harmful germs.

Always remember that the training you offer your cleaning team should be ongoing throughout their time with you to ensure that all tips, tricks, and necessities are constantly being reminded to keep your team happy, healthy and safe within their workplace.