Where Can We Clean?

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Blog

Here at TWS Contracts, we provide a cleaning service for any space, of any size. We pride ourselves on our regular, reliable, and thorough reputation which leaves all of our customers satisfied. We provide cleaning for a wide range of places and spaces, which all include our speciality of routine cleaning; we can clean your office building, home, or commercial premises.

To extend the list even further, we can provide cleaning for private homes, stores and shops, hotels and guest houses, doctors’ surgeries, playschools and schools, gyms and fitness centres, and building sites! If you need a place or space cleaning which isn’t yet included within our list, please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be able to examine and provide a service specially designed to suit you and your requirements.

Within our line of expertise, we also provide a generous range of cleaning services – you will be sure to find the right cleaning service for your requirements, and as with our flexibility surrounding the topic of places and spaces, you can always contact us if your requirement isn’t yet included within the list. The services we provide range from small to large, such as deep cleaning, façade cleaning, glass and window cleaning with and without the frame, removal of graffiti (everyone’s favourite!) carpet, upholstery and curtains cleaning, interior cleaning (rooms and ceilings), stairwell cleaning, industrial and machinery cleaning, neon sign cleaning, building cleaning, and finally… open-area cleaning. Phew!

So as you can see, whether it’s a small private home, or a large multinational company, TWS Contracts Ltd will ensure the very highest cleaning standards for you, whilst guaranteeing a perfect result. Are you interested in a specific service? We’re more than happy to give you professional advice and prepare an individual offer to suit your requirements.