Why is cleaning important when working from home?

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Blog

Whilst our niche is definitely with cleaning offices, workplaces, communal areas and showrooms we understand that the general homeowners want to know how to give their home a healthy shine. Imagine you’ve just set up your own business from your spare bedroom, eventually, you’ll be working in it so much and not paying attention to it… meaning it could end up rather messy rather quickly. So, without further a-do we’re going to explain to you why you should clean your personal workspace regularly, even when you work from home.

The obvious one is that your concentration could face a dip by throwing out subconscious attention to the messiness in your surroundings, this could lead to some people then using some of their work hours to clean up mess from the day before or just being distracted by unkempt surroundings.

When it comes to working from home you are not going to be moving around as much because why would you if you haven’t got to commute or walk anywhere? Not only does cleaning preserve the sanitised environment which limits the inhaling of dust and microorganisms, but also cleaning can be a form of light exercise, especially when cleaning thoroughly, just enough to make your breathing a bit heavier and get the blood flowing. Also, just because it’s YOUR mess, doesn’t mean it’s ok!

It’s relatively rare that you would use your own home office to meet clients, but for some people this may be their only choice, short of a coffee shop around the corner. Should you have visitors for any reason (business or personal/family) it just sends a good message about the type of person you are and signals to your visitor that yes you work from home, but you take what you do incredibly seriously and are prospering from your own venture.