Why is Window Cleaning so important?

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Blog

There are many things that go into the running of a business, to keep the cogs turning and keep workflow going. There are also factors that often go unnoticed and when they are not kept up, can affect the appearance of your business. Keeping your workplace clean and looking in its best condition is a great ethos to convey to passers-by. We’ve decided to collect 3 reasons as to why cleaner windows would benefit your premises.

Staff Morale
When you work in an office, it’s common for you to need a few minutes looking away from your screen and the go to attraction is the nearest window. It should come as no surprise that things look better through clean windows and that mood would be slightly affected by looking through dingy, dusty and streaky windows.

Any kind of dust carries a small number of pathogens and bacteria, as well as dead skin and hair cells (gross!). Dust tends to collect on windows and shows up a lot easier than it would on an opaque surface, but this point isn’t necessarily about it looking bad, it’s about the fact your employees will definitely not be receiving any health benefits from it. Cleanliness contributes towards the well-being of the work force and that doesn’t just go for keyboards, desks and shelves.

First Impressions
If you work in an office where your windows can be easily seen from a busy street, you just know people are looking up at it and the first thing that catches their eyes will be the windows, as they are the most reflective and will draw the eye from the background first. If the reflective value of the light is affected by dirt, and streaks it conveys to the person viewing them that the company doesn’t care about the image it puts out and therefore doesn’t care about the service they carry out.

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