Why window cleaning is so important!

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Blog

Window cleaning is a must for any business. Whether you are on a high street or a high rise building, ensuring that you have clean windows is very important. A customers first impressions of your business is from the outside, so any dirty windows may well put them off from visiting or shopping, especially as the world is now so conscious of cleanliness. This is more of the case for high street shops, people need to see your products and during the current climate having a good window display in case the shop is busy is even more important.

A lot of things gather on windows, dirt, baceteria from people touching them and the Great British weather can create issues too. By having clean windows it can also boost morale of the team, natural light filtering through into your premises is very important for people’s moods and concentration spans. If the windows are dulll and in desperate need of a clean then the chances are the amount of natural light filtering through is reduced

Here at TWS we offer window cleaning to all commercial properties big or small and we can work around you by either having one off cleans or regular ( even week by week cleans) to ensure that your windows look not only their best but also free from any bacteria all year round.

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